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With all of the commotion about dealerships closing, you might be amazed that as General Manager of Sierra Motors, I am happy to be here.


When John called and asked me to come to Jamestown California from Boise Idaho, I had no idea what to expect. John explained things to me in a very direct manner. Sierra Motors is very important to the community. We are a very large employer. We generate tax dollars for the local community. We take care of people the way a business is supposed to care of them, like they are all friends of the owner. We offer the fairest way possible to do business, one low price, plain & simple…always. For being one of the biggest career moves of our lives, it was a quick & easy decision. Let’s roll.


One of the keys to the continued viability of Sierra Motors is very simply CSI, Customer Satisfaction Index. Out of a possible 4.00 our 12 month score is 3.96. That puts us among the very top of the top in the entire western third of the United States. Rarified air indeed.

That speaks volumes about our departments. In sales, service, parts or body shop, we are committed to your satisfaction.


We have lived in places like the Mojave Desert and Boise, never in an actual forest. Our amazing agent, Michelle A’dair found us the ideal place to live, Comstock Ranch in the hills above Sonora. We are on just less than three acres of solid Oak, Cedar and Pine trees, at an altitude of 3600’. I am not sure of all of the varieties of animals that walk through our place, more Deer than we can count and a variety of singing birds to name a few. Our dog even found a skunk nearby.


We know how important communication is so we have created the first social network for this area. You can make your own web page, write about your event, down load pictures, videos, and stories @ GOLD OF THE MOTHER LODE and it’s free.


It is a peaceful, serene home with just enough snow in the winter and all of the wonderful fresh air of the forest the rest of the time. Friends and family can’t get enough of it when they come to visit. I have regular fishing buddies that have taken me to some fun and productive places. What a beautiful place to hike through. We already have a favorite place to eat, Koto’s Japanese in downtown Sonora. Ogowa is the real deal, a traditional Sushi chef.


So, Sierra Motors is here to stay. We will continue to offer value, great prices and friendly service. If you have any questions or need assistance contact me directly. I am looking forward to getting to know more local people. I have met most of my neighbors and enjoy them. I have also met almost every business owner in Jamestown and am proud to be associated with them. See you soon.



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2010 Chevy Camaro Only 31857.00 Sierra Motors, Jamestown Ca.

Sierra Motors        “One Low Price, Plain and Simple…ALWAYS !”


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Baltimore Autos Examiner

Very 1st 2010 Chevrolet Camaro delivered

May 3, 6:31 PM

2010 (GM) Chevrolet Camaro

NASCAR team owner and long-time Chevrolet dealer, Rick Hendrick recently took delivery of the first 2010 Camaro to ever roll off the line at Oshawa Assembly. The event took place at the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Mich. Hendrick won the right to claim the first Camaro after offering $350,000 for the vehicle in a charity auction. The money goes to the American Heart Association.

Hendrick said the charity angle was nice, but he really wanted Camaro #1. “It was for a great cause, but I will have to say I was there to get that car. I wanted that Camaro extremely bad because I have a collection and I am a Chevrolet dealer and I just wanted that first Camaro.”

Hendrick also said his dealerships have orders for more than 200 Camaro’s and he believes it will be a great showroom draw. “You’re going to find a lot of different people want to buy them. You going to find young kids are going to want them just because they are cool looking. You’re going to find a lot of enthusiasts want them because they’ve got that retro look and they are performance cars at the same time,” Hendrick said.

Hendrick says Camaro #1 will be put on display at his motor sports museum for public viewing.

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