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Very 1st 2010 Chevrolet Camaro delivered

May 3, 6:31 PM

2010 (GM) Chevrolet Camaro

NASCAR team owner and long-time Chevrolet dealer, Rick Hendrick recently took delivery of the first 2010 Camaro to ever roll off the line at Oshawa Assembly. The event took place at the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Mich. Hendrick won the right to claim the first Camaro after offering $350,000 for the vehicle in a charity auction. The money goes to the American Heart Association.

Hendrick said the charity angle was nice, but he really wanted Camaro #1. “It was for a great cause, but I will have to say I was there to get that car. I wanted that Camaro extremely bad because I have a collection and I am a Chevrolet dealer and I just wanted that first Camaro.”

Hendrick also said his dealerships have orders for more than 200 Camaro’s and he believes it will be a great showroom draw. “You’re going to find a lot of different people want to buy them. You going to find young kids are going to want them just because they are cool looking. You’re going to find a lot of enthusiasts want them because they’ve got that retro look and they are performance cars at the same time,” Hendrick said.

Hendrick says Camaro #1 will be put on display at his motor sports museum for public viewing.


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