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Total Confidence vs. Total Incompetence

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Total Confidence vs. Total Incompetence

I think that I remember the point of advertising is to bring customers. But when I look at the current Gm ad campaign, I doubt the brainiacs behind it. It screams when you lose your job, when your car gets stolen, when your car breaks down and when your value drops. Not if.  Given the state of the economy, the ad feeds the fire of why people shouldn’t buy anything now. Whatever happened to bringing the best to market? We actually have great products. Why not sell those?  

I am a working man, with 26 years in auto retail supporting my family. We have worked through the best and worst of times. Failure is not an option. Strikes, recessions, market swings, natural disasters and wars, I have worked through all of them. Give us good products and we will sell them. Don’t tell people that everything is going to go wrong but its ok. What message do we want to send? I’m not afraid of tough times, just the incompetence of those in charge.





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