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Gold of the Mother Lode

It is exciting to see so many of you getting on board with Gold. This only works as a community. So continue to tell a friend. Please tag everything that you post with Gold of the Mother Lode. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find us.

I also believe that we have not scratched the surface of how far this can take us as a group. There should come a time when every business that is on board has a placard in the window showing A billboard on Hwy 108 will be a logical step to follow. If the cost of the billboard is $6,000 per year, then with 100 participants the cost would only be $60.

Upon entering the area, visitors would be directed to check Gold of the Mother Lode to find everything that they might want, need or use. This is just a future idea. But the future is fast upon us.

Please spend time to improve your respective pages. Post often. Use videos. Have fun with it. Life is too short not to. See you soon.

Can you see the four circles?



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