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Our fifteen member sales staff consisted of eleven men and four women. One of the reasons to have variety among your salespeople is for the variety of customers. Some salespeople match up well with certain types of customers. I have salespeople that only do well with couples or with people their own age. There is not any one single pairing that works every time. There are ones that work better than others. The matching of customers and salespeople is actually just a matter of luck of the draw.



When a woman like Abigail decides to go car shopping I would think that she would at least entertain the thought that she might be working with a male salesperson. Abigail parked in front of the dealership. She was greeted by an experienced salesperson, Marie. Marie spent a longer than usual amount of time listening to Abigail explain what she wanted in a new car. Abigail wasn’t always clear on what her expectations were and tended to ramble on when she spoke.


There was quite a contrast between the two women. Marie was always dressed like a businessperson. Marie seemed to be of average height and weight. About 5’ 4” and around 130 lbs. The dimensions listed on Abigail’s drivers license would have been fine on a football team roster. She was listed as 6’ 3” and 250 lbs. She looked bigger in person. Abigail was wearing what looked slightly like a female version of a leisure suit.


Marie asked many questions to help zero in on what Abigail was looking for. After careful investigation and much listening, Marie escorted Abigail to the area where the SUV’s were on display. Abigail lives in the higher hills of the local mountain range. She encountered snow from time to time. What she hauled sounded more like supplies than just mere groceries, so extra room was needed. A mid-size like the trailblazer fit the parameters that had been laid out.


Marie did a wonderful product presentation that covered many of the features and benefits of the Trailblazer. The two women then went on a lengthy test drive. When they arrived back at the dealership, Marie asked Abigail if she would like to get an idea of what to expect in the way of price and payments. Abigail hesitated. She looked into the showroom and observed all of the people. Abigail exhaled and said yes.


Marie and Abigail sat down in a booth that had a round table and three chairs. As Marie started the write-up phase, Abigail kept looking around the interior of the dealership, as what was going on around her was of importance. It took longer than usual to fill out the necessary paperwork. When Marie tried to discuss the amount of down payment needed, Abigail started asking what would happen if she put a lot more or a lot less down. Abigail started giving her opinion of banks and financing institutions in general.


Marie was getting to the point where she wasn’t sure how to help Abigail. Marie had filled out the credit application with all of her information and history. She had a copy of her driver’s license and her insurance information. Abigail kept getting distracted by all of the activity and people around her.


Marie decided to ask her manager for help. She went up to the platform where the two managers on duty were sitting. The manager John was a veteran car guy. John was genuinely nice but could also be as smooth as a gravy sandwich with hard to handle customers. Marie explained Abigail’s needs and what they had done so far. John told Marie, “lets go talk to Abigail.”



Marie made the introduction. “Abigail, this is my manager John.” John had a pleasant smile and put his hand out to greet Abigail. Abigail screamed.


Abigail was much larger than John. Upon seeing John in the booth, Abigail threw her arms up into the air and yelled “no men.” Abigail ran by John and out of the booth. Her arms were flailing in the air as she ran across the showroom floor, shrieking, “No men, No men.” All activity in the showroom stopped. John was speechless. Nothing in his twenty years of experience prepared him for this. Abigail kept running out the door. A stunned Marie and John just looked dumbfounded.


This very large woman was now out front of the dealership. She was running down the sidewalk her arms were flailing up in the air like a prisoner running to freedom. She was screaming, “No men.” John suggested to Marie that she try to go out and talk to Abigail but to be careful. John went back to look for clues in her paperwork.


Abigail continued her activity. She ran the length of the dealership several times screaming, “NO MEN, NO MEN.” No one knew what to make of this linebacker-sized woman screaming and running in front of the dealership. The other manager finally asked John, “What did you say to cause that?”


Marie finally got her to calm down by promising that she would not have to speak to another man. They cautiously headed back inside. John looked over Abigail’s credit application. When he read her residence and employment information, John almost choked.



Abigail lived at the local Priory with the Benedictine Monks. He thought that only men lived at a priory. Abigail listed her job as Psychiatrist.


This 6’ 3”, 250 lbs person, that lived in an all male environment, that was running, screaming no men, worked counseling Monks. The irony was not lost on John. John was retired Navy. He had been all around the world. John knew what he was dealing with.


Marie handled the rest of the paperwork and made the sale. Lucky for the everybody, there was a female finance manager on duty. Abigail signed everything and took delivery without further incidence. John pondered warning the service department. Abigail would be coming in for her first oil change. He decided not to.






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