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Family vacation. We all have the memories and some stand out more than others. Mom, Dad and the kids, going place and seeing things. The planning, the packing, the cost and don’t forget to take pictures. What was your best family vacation? Maybe you are planning one now. Our family is a veteran of many such trips. My wife and I have wonderful memories of our entire family being together in places like Hawaii, Mexico, the Beach, mountain ski resorts, lakes and many more. We have taken the car, overloaded the Suburban and flown. I know, of all the vacations that we have taken, one stands out for my son Ryan, Cabo San Lucas.cabo hotel


In the good times, trips and the car business, go hand in hand. All three kids, Russell, Ryan and Erica, join my wife Dana and myself for five days in Mexico. We stayed at an all-inclusive beachfront resort. We travel fun. It’s just a good time when we are all together on a vacation. In an amply sized suite, over looking the bay, we were all smiles. We spent time on the beach and in the water. When it came time to rent watercraft, we only used four for the five of us. I had the privilege of having my precious Daughter on for the ride with me.

 Erica & Dad SeaDoo

The hours we spent zooming around, chasing each other and seeing the entire bay, is etched in my memory. Erica was holding on tight to me. I love the sound of my Daughter laughing.


Fishing, eating and sightseeing are all fun, but we had a special trip to the Cabo Wabo Cantina. The restaurant at Cabo Wabo is a great place to eat. They have great dishes like Sammy’s’ Tequila Shrimp and the Waburrito. It was a lively dinner with enjoyable food. We heard live music coming from the club and after finishing dinner, we decided to see who was playing. As we walked in, there were only three dudes in the entire place. Dana quickly assessed the situation and excused herself to look at a few nearby shops. The rest of us had a seat.


Don’t judge me when I tell you what my son Ryan and I did. He asked and I agreed to have our first shot of tequila together. Russ and Erica stayed at the table as Ryan and I went to the shooter bar. The only way to properly abide with Sammy is simple; three double shot glasses apiece. One each of Blanco, Reposada and Anejo. Yes that totals six shots each. The bartender served the sliced lime and with a simple toast to Father and Son, here we go. The 3 tequilasbartender took a great picture of us half way thru.


After a minute to breath, it was off to see if we could make it back to the table. Being the observant fellows that we are, we instantly noticed things had changed. A dance floor that was totally empty mere moments ago was now filled with women. Not just your run of the mill pretty women, I mean smoking hot women. It looked like a beer commercial gone bad. There were about forty women, ages 19 to 25 out on the dance floor. Not a single guy. My Daughter says, “They just walked in”.


 My 17-year-old son is Ryan surveys the room and says a simple “Dad”. I pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to him in case he had to buy a drink. He strolled very confidently for a young man of seventeen. (Read Tequila) The crowd of women just swallowed him up. Within seconds he was dancing with a group of them. Being the good son that he is, Ryan grabs a couple of beauties and sends them to our table. As two of them take me by the arms, they tell me that I have to dance with them. After an almost unnoticeable moment of hesitation, out I go. My son and I were on the Dance floor at Cabo Wabo with 40 gorgeous women. I knew better and cut out after just one song. I did ask before the dance ended. “Who are you girls”?


My dance partner told me that they were the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders, who are billed as America’s most beautiful Cheerleaders. She said that they are not supposed to identify them self’s as such, because they were here unofficially. They had done a favor for the Team’s owner and he had sent them all on a paid vacation.


Dana walked back in just as I was getting back to the table. “What’s going on?” she queried. “I just danced with those two over there” I quickly responded, pointing to the floor. “You should have waited until I was here,” said my wife dryly. “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity” was out of my mouth before I thought.


The most amazing looking blonde cheerleader is arm and arm with my son, on the way to the shooter bar. By the time they are done with their shots, the mood on the floor had changed. It was time to go to the next bar. A group of girls grabs my son and off they go out the door, to the next club. My wife and I figure that they will make to the door and our son will get his Id checked. No such luck. It is an outside club. The girls are now taking turns pole dancing for Ryan. After a lot of screaming and photoflashes they move again. They are off to the world famous El Squid Row.

 squid roe

How fast they turn. The guy at the door asks my son for Id. As soon as the girls realize they are partying with a seventeen year old, So long Charlie. Such a look of dejection. Like a puppy who doesn’t get taken for a walk. We all get into a taxi and head back to the resort.


Ryan tells me that he took a lot of pictures. He then ask’ me “Can we come back here next year”?




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