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You think that you know someone. You see a guy eight hours a day, six days a week for few years and you get a pretty good idea of that person’s character. You get to see how hard they will work to make money and what they will do to get promoted. Greg was such a guy.


Greg never set any sales records. Sure he was nice to his customers and he didn’t get any complaints, but he never did enough to be the best. He never showed the kind of dedication and drive to get noticed. In a business culture that is built on production and getting promoted, Greg seemed like he was having problems just working a full day. He was always trying to leave early, mostly on Tuesday it seemed. Greg was late to work too often, usually on Wednesday. Not the earmarks of success.


costco-DSC_0884My wife, Dana and I were shopping in Costco. I went along to carry bulk products. We were headed to the dry goods section and ran into Greg and his wife. We all greeted each other, our wife’s had met before. Greg had a pallet full of food. I quipped, “That’s a lot of food for two people”. Greg’s wife responded with “hopefully that enough for them all”. His wife filled us in on Greg. He buys a lot of food.                                                                                                               


Greg has been feeding the homeless. He and his family volunteer and generally run Tuesday night at a Kitchen that helps families with children. Greg spends most of his extra money on weekly food runs. Greg also cooks the food; his specialty is spaghetti for 100. His family comes and helps him serve food to hungry families. Not only does Greg do most of the clean up, he stays until everybody has a way to shelter. That usually means that he is giving them a ride.spaghetti-carbonara


Greg’s not interested in taking credit for what he does. He does it because he cares. He is not a superstar at work. That’s not why he goes. He work’s to provide for his family and so he can use the rest to help families. Greg gets zero public credit or financial benefit, he just makes a difference. Families get to eat. Children get fed


To an employer, a manager or a Boss, what is the concept of a good employee? Do we only reward the driven or the selfish? Why is that guy late for work? There has to be room for people whose whole life doesn’t revolve around work. There needs to be more Greg’s.




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  1. We do need more souls out working like Greg and his familly so that others may have life. What a blessing to have worked with and known someone like Greg. J&K

    Comment by J & K | June 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Greg is pretty amazing. I wonder if he could get a break on being a bit late on Wednesdays from an understanding boss? And if not, maybe Greg’s calling is in the nonprofit sector, or somewhere other than where he is now!

    Comment by centerforrespitecare | June 23, 2009 | Reply

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