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Over the loud speaker I hear the floor manager page me: wonderful, I have a customer asking for me. It is a young lady named Nancy. It is her second visit to the lot, but this time there is a guy with her. As I’m greeting Nancy the guy interjects “I’m her brother”. Nancy gives an odd reaction. Nancy came back to see a used Camaro. While we’re going over it, her “brother’ is offering a lot of objections.


The plan seems clear divide and conquer, besides who is this guy? Nancy is ready for a test drive, perfect. I got in the Camaro and locked the doors. I pulled it up to Nancy and put her in her driver’s seat. Her “brother” was trying to get in the other side but it was locked. I went around to the passenger door and used the key to open it and squeezed in front of the brother and quickly closed the door. I told Nancy “let’s go” and she went.


As we left the first thing she said is “that’s not my brother, he’s a salesman from another dealership”. She went on to explain that when she told him that she was coming to see me to look at a car that he insisted on going, so that he could make sure she got a good deal. She told me that she couldn’t get rid of him. “No problem” I assured Nancy.


We finished the test drive and went in a separate entrance. Nancy and I went directly into a finance office and finalized the deal. The Finance Manager came in and signed all of the documents with her. All the while her “brother” was running around the dealership looking for a way to disrupt the sale, but to no avail.


As she was taking delivery and leaving the dealership, I told her not to worry about the other salesman (her brother) and that I would take care of him. She smiled, thanked me and left. Her “Brother” watched as she pulled away. I walked up to him and was going to ask if he needed a ride. “You got me again” was all I heard.


I wondered what he meant, until he said “I was the guy across the street that you came and took your customer from last year”. I thought hard for a second, “What in the…Oh yeah… That guy.” I remember having a customer asking for me. It was Julio and I was about 20 minutes from arriving at work. “Tell Julio I’ll be there in 15!” off I ran to work. When I arrived I saw Julio’s car that I had sold him last time parked out front, but no Julio.


A New Nissan pulls up behind Julio’s car. It’s Julio on a test drive with a salesperson from Nissan. I watch as they pull into the dealership across the street. Only one thing strikes me as a course of action. I walk into the dealership across the street and directly up to Julio. “Hi Julio, just want to let you know I am ready when you are”. “I’ll be there in a minute”, Julio replies with a smile.


The salesman instantly turned bright red, sort of stomped his feet and blurted out, “thanks a lot! “ So I walked back to my dealership and waited. Julio came back over and we had another completely satisfied customer in no time.


A year later and I had never thought about the other salesman again. Who’d of known? Even after both encounters, I couldn’t bring myself to apologize. He called somebody to pick him up.



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  1. I recently had an opportunity to visit Sierra Motors to have my SUV worked on. After being taken care of by my service advisor (Marc Franco) who was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, I went into the sales department to wait while my vehicle was being repaired. While waiting, I was greeted by both Cari Brockett and Frank Rathburn. Both wanted to make sure I was well taken good care of and if there was anything they could do for me to make my visit more pleaseant to let them know. Cari had a pleasant/nonthreatening approach when asking if I was looking to purchase a vehicle in the near future. I told that I was in the coming months and after talking with her I felt confident that when I’m ready to make that purchase, I would be very comfortable working with her. She definetly adds a high quality level of service most dealerships need to be successful. Frank Rathburn also assured me that the dependibility of the vehicles are top notch and that the sales process would be easy. Usually when I go to dealerships for repairs I get swarmed by salesmen. Carrie and Frank were very personable, professional and easy to talk to. Never once did I feel I was being pressured into buying something right now I was not prepared for. It is no wonder that between the personal in the service department and the personal in the sales department Sierra Motors is as successful as it has been over the years.


    Comment by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 | Reply

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