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Whenever a previous customer calls me at the dealership, it is a good thing. Robert and I have been through three auto purchases together. This time he is on a mission, his pride and joy, his daughter, deservers a new truck.


Robert is always a nice man to talk to. He actually takes the time to ask how I am doing and to tell me what’s going on in his neck of the woods. He is looking for a small, extended cab pick up for his daughter. It has to be black. Lucky for the both of us I have one in stock; Robert makes an appointment for the next day. 


Robert tells me about his daughter Julie. She graduated High School with a 4.0 grade point. Julie is also a very accomplished musician and plays first Clarinet. The kicker is that she just had abdominal surgery and I think it scared Robert. So Dad wants to make sure she is safe and able to get to College.


The way she wants it is with a manual transmission. It helps a lot that it has a factory CD player. The six-cylinder fuel injected engine is what she likes and wants the split bench seat. Check, everything is just right with the one we have in stock. Robert happily says, “Wrap it up”! Now Robert gets cute.


“Do you have an old beater around”? Robert ask’ and a plan is hatched. Robert wants me to get as bad a looking vehicle as possible to show his daughter Julie. His plan is for her to get upset and then he can spring the new truck on her. We always have a trade-in or two that are destined for the scrap heap, so no problem. Delivery is set for Seven pm tonight.


That evening I have a broke down rattletrap, with different color fenders pulled up by the showroom. Robert walks up with Julie and they are all smiles. She knows what kind of gifts one gets from a car lot. I am standing next to the rust bucket and do as instructed. “Here it is” is my line. Robert proceeds to tell Julie that times are a little tough and this is all that he could afford. He did not anticipate her reaction.


“Dad if this is what you can afford and you say it’s safe to drive than I will drive it, proudly,” Julie said calmly. No wonder Robert wanted to get her a new truck, what a great kid. Robert has to stifle a tear and blubbers, “I’m sorry Honey, this is really your new truck and points to the Black extended-cab sitting nearby. Julie screams.


As Robert is hugging his daughter he looks and gives me a knowing wink. Once again we have done well. I love this job.




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  1. GREAT story Eric! I think it may be a myth though! No teenager would do such a thing. Would they?

    Comment by Carla Leopardo | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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