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One thing that you discover very quickly in the car business is that most everybody is really good at putting someone together. That’s what it was called when you would take a person and to get them to the point that they would actually take action. With customers it was to get them to actually buy the car, but with other salespeople it could manifest itself in a variety of ways. To put someone in an uncomfortable or untenable situation where they didn’t have a clear way or know the path to safety. That was usually the goal of a lot of our social interactions.


The Sales Manager uses less than great judgment and hires his friend as a salesperson. We all knew that he didn’t get hired because he was talented, so we thought we should set the ground rules early. Rick, Jim and I invited Norey out for a drink at Maxdonsm_c8e5009789f74d16aec68670521b58ae the local car guy bar. It wasn’t much of a plan as much as the willingness to use whatever opportunity was presented to us.


The four of us take the large booth in the corner and ask the bartender to start a tab. Of course we then order a few rounds of drinks. I don’t use the term “Bimbo” regularly but it fits this application. We have Norey sitting in the middle of the booth (no escape!) and every Bimbo chick that we could attract to our table with an offer to buy them a drink was soon sitting at our table. We kept sliding out and stacking them in until the Bimbo’s are three deep on either side of the hapless Norey. The one next to him had four to six inch long fingernails, yikes! Mind you this was in the 80’s.


One last round of drinks on the tab and off we go. Jim and I excuse ourselves to go to the restroom. Rick sees that we are headed for the door and is out right behind us. It took poor Norey more than an hour to realize that it was just him and the six hard drinking Bimbos. Drinks for ten can run up quite a tab, especially over a couple of hours with people who are drinking for free.


It’s finally time to leave and guess who the bartender gives the tab to? Apparently Norey’s credit card limit wasn’t high enough to handle the entire bill, he calls his friend, the manager who hired him, to come bail him out. I guess some things can get taken personally, because we sure got chewed out at work the next day. We were even made to repay the entire bar tab.


Let’s see, the Boss is mad at us, Norey doesn’t trust us and the bar is unhappy we skipped out leaving the tab. Not to mention we don’t want any of these gals thinking that we will ever buy them a round of drinks again, all in all a very successful evening in the car business.


Of course it’s some 25 years later and Norey is still the Boss’s best friend…or his only friend…





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