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Being in the car business for 26 years I have been on a lot of test-drives, mostly uneventful. Once in a while a driver can get away from you.


The new Camaro Z-28 was an impressive car. It had the designation H.O., for high output. The unmistakable V-8 rumble brought a note of performance. It could be matched with a five-speed manual transmission. T-tops seemed to make the car complete. A great road car, built for the enjoyment of the driver.


Vern came into the dealership and was immediately drawn to the new Camaro. He asked questions about the cars performance. I told him about the fuel injection, the Goodyear Eagle tires, five-speed transmission and rack & pinion steering. We talked acceleration and top speed. Vern seemed very interested in the limits of the Camaro. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was that Vern was 83 years young.


I grabbed a dealer plate and made a copy of his driver’s license, ready to go. You gotta love the sound of the V-8 when it comes to life, nice and throaty. Vern seems very comfortable behind the wheel. He heads straight for the freeway. So far everything is good. As Vern pulls onto the freeway, he has his foot heavy on the accelerator.


From 50 mph to 100 mph takes only a couple of seconds when you are on the gas hard. “VERN!!!” I said loud and direct, but receiving no response. Vern kept his foot buried on the accelerator. We shot passed 120 mph…a lot of things crossed my mind…from this is a dangerous speed to this guy is 83 years old.

I actually yelled at Vern “SLOWDOWN!!!”. Vern looked at me with his foot still on the gas and stated emphatically, “Look I got a sporty younger girlfriend and I need a sporty car”! I didn’t think Vern was very happy with me as we ended the test drive. He said that he would be back tomorrow and would let me know. “Great… another passenger on the be-back bus”, I muttered to myself.


The next day to my surprise 83-year-old Vern came in with his 75-year-old sporty younger girlfriend. He told her all of the performance specs and how great it drove. She listened and nodded. He wrote a check for the new manual transmission Camaro Z-28 with t-tops and signs all of the paperwork. They are both all smiles.


He burnt rubber pulling away from the dealership and got scratch going into second and third gear. Sporty indeed.






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