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First & foremost, I love my nephew Mikey and am very proud of him. I am positive that Mike was born to be a Marine. He took to boot camp like a duck to water. He is on his second tour in the Middle East. He is currently stationed in Iraq. A man that volunteered to go into harms way for the protection of others, what a Stud. He and his wife Stephanie are just good people.


Just before Mike was set to go, I asked him what he wanted to do before he left Lancaster. His answer was as simple and straightforward as the man himself, “ride Five Deer”. We have ridden mountain bikes together for years. This one trail is special. It is lovingly called “the toughest downhill you will ever climb”. Although only 12 miles long, it is full of intense, rocky, rutted, windswept, breathtaking fun.  In other words just right for the occasion.topo_sample


Our early morning start was greeted with gusting 35mph winds and rain clouds. The best place to park is where Spunky Canyon road and Bouquet Canyon road meet. The cloud level was about 20 feet over our heads. Off we went. The ride started with a five mile climb. The steepness and lack of traction was compensated by horizontally blowing stinging rain. Sometimes I could just make out Mikes silhouette ahead of me in the clouds.


Upon reaching the summit we are usually greeted by a great view, not today. We rode a couple of miles along the ridgeline to get to the trailhead. The actual force of the storm up on the ridge was awesome. We found the trailhead, ate a couple of power gels and took off down Five Deer. It is a narrow trail with little room for error. The wheel swallowing ruts that have head size rocks in them were now filling with runoff water. The technical climbing portions were even more fun. An epic ride.


We were soaked, muddy, breathing hard and smiling ear to ear. This is a ride that has to be experienced.  We somehow reached the fast portion of the ride and went blazing down the road back to our truck. Barreling down hill I spotted a major mud pit just ahead. With Mike just in front of me, I had to time it just right. Expending all remaining energy to accelerate, I hit the mud just in front of mike and covered him with thick southern California mud. We coasted to the truck, laughing.


I could not imagine a better way to send off Mike. It was a perfect day. Did I mention that I love my nephew and am very proud of him?




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  1. We both enjoyed your ride…
    Our prayers our with you, and Mike..

    With our love..

    Aunt Pat.& Uncle Bill

    Comment by Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat. | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Only the Prothro’s know how to really be heart takers, D Dogs. Eric start a book career.

    Comment by Ambus Frazier | April 3, 2010 | Reply

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