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The sign above the car lot read. ‘Yes we have cars under a $1,000.00’ No big mystery here, were talking about basic transportation. Not how far or how fast, just it does runs. This is a niche that definitely needs filling again today like it did 20 years ago.


Bob always greeted people with a smile, like a lot of us who are happy to see people wanting to do business. Most everyday he moved a few cars up front to give the lot a fresh look to the people driving by. Some cars had specific parking places as to fit their specific positive attributes, showing the non-dented side to the camera for pictures. The blue station wagon was one such car. It was always parked facing the street, mostly because it had no reverse.


A sunny Saturday on the lot and a couple comes in. They tell Bob that they have very little money and need a car. Bob shows them the blue station wagon. The right size, the right price, let’s see how it drives. Bob gives them a little route to go on and asks them to park in front. After the drive it’s all smiles. Bob inks the customers up and away they drive.


Almost two years go by and Bob is on the lot showing a car to a fresh customer when the people in the blue station wagon show up. “Hi Bob, we’re back” they say with a smile. Being a one man operation, Bob is working between two customers now. So Bob suggest that they take a nice brown sedan for a drive and goes back to the first customer. After a few minutes Bob notices that they are still standing next to the brown sedan. “Go ahead folks, take it for a spin” and goes back to the other customer.


It takes a few minutes for Bob to realize that they are not taking the brown sedan for a drive. So Bob excuses himself from the first customer and goes over to see why they aren’t driving it yet. As Bob walks up to them, they ask, “Could you please pull this out for us, we haven’t backed a car up in a couple of years”.




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