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We all have our stereotypes. How we judge people by type or occupation. But who do you know that actually fulfills their look, implicitly? During my life in car sales there has been only one, Rick, who actually owns a plaid suit? No, no, no… a different plaid suit for every day of the week? He might have had enough to cover the whole month. It seemed like a never ending visual assault of plaid.


Not just plaid sport coats, but plaid suits. Sometimes even with plaid ties. Now that I think about it…plaid socks. What an eye full. Rick joined our cast of characters and never looked back. If you ask him he’d say he was there first.  Rick has even been likened to a cockroach. Nothing, I mean nothing, not even a nuclear blast could remove Rick from the dealership.

Aside from his attire, Rick has an exceptional skill of listening, listening for the little things that can make all of the difference.

Springtime on the lot and Rick greets a nice family, a typical family with Mom, Dad & 2.3 kids. They meet, they talk, and they find common ground. The Husband mentions the fact that he drinks about a six-pack a day and the wife shares her discord.  They are interested in a Pickup. They settle on a well equipped one and go for a test drive. After the drive they are all in agreement that this is the right truck for the family and Dad in particular enjoys the fit.

The Husband then says “I hafta get back to work”. The wife says, “No problem, I’ll finish up the negotiation.” It was little different than normal, but no problem. Rick and the wife fill out all of the paperwork. Rick makes his presentation of all the figures. He goes over the selling price, the trade value, the down payment and the monthly payment. She looks everything over and says “well this sure is the right truck” and the kids all smile, “but the payment is about $25 over our budget”, sadly she shared.

A moment to reflect and then Rick ask’ a simple question, “What does a six-pack of beer cost”?  She answered with a frown, “About five dollars a day.” Rick leaned over to the wife. “Do you think that your husband would cut down on his beer drinking in order to get his new truck” CCP0014411_P

She starts to smile “I can do better than that”. So she calls her husband at work. “Honey, I’ve got a deal for you”. “If you agree to only buy a six pack every other day, you can have your new truck”. There is a lengthy pause. “Yes, I’ll do it” says the husband finally, anxious to get his new truck.

Now the wife says to Rick “I have been trying to get him to cut down on his beer consumption for years and you finally did it, thank you”. “I will never buy from anyone else!”  She had gotten everything she wanted and more; his truck, her payment and an agreement to cut down on alcohol consumption. All courtesy of the guy in plaid, Rick, who listened to the little things. 

 Rick smiled as they hugged and the kids cheered, finished with the delivery Rick got off work and went and had a beer… or six.



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